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Ron Hembling finishes his Star Trek Bridge...
-- Posted by Tamer on Saturday, August 19 2017
"Hi All,

The bridge is now complete and here are my usual out door pics, all I have to do now is make a perspex cover for it.

The floor/base is high density foam just cut to shape and then the bridge sections glued in place. The large Trek symbol I cut out from the Mezco box that the figures came in and painted the edges and glued it to the base.


Ron really worked hard on this one and it really shows.

Gold Leader One is back with a new Action Fleet Custom...
-- Posted by Tamer on Saturday, August 19 2017
"Here is my custom Action Fleet TIE Avenger. An Imperial Pilot is included, but I have not decided on a second figure yet.

The wings are actually different, they are from the website Shapeway, a seller was kind enough to make them for me. Vader's wings were detached, then I filed down the attachment on the body of the ship. The wings from Shapeway were spray painted black and I added in the gray details. The body of the ship was painted with the same gray. I added in some details with a darker gray, as well as some red lights in the back."

It looks pretty good to me. Daggone I miss Action Fleet.

Panther updates us on his Gotham PD Dio...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, August 18 2017
"Last night I mixed up another burnt umber and deep red mix and painted the last two walls but as you can see it is a little darker than the original. While the paint was drying, I added black to it and using a fine brush I went in between all bricks and cracks.

I mixed up a little grey to go over the front door frame, then a black wash over the steps.

My next step is to make up another umber/red mix and go over the bricks around the front door and round each brick."

Talk about looking good! He is really working fast on this one.

BDC41866 is back with new customs...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, August 18 2017
"Ive really been enjoying my Marauder Task Force figures of late. And using some fodder from the Rogue One and Force Awakens 5 POA figures (about all they are good for), I've done a few customs. Enjoy."

They are some sharp and awesomely articulated customs folks!

Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store lists great new pre-order and in stock Items we like!
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, August 17 2017
In Titans Return, the Autobots and Decepticons unite with Titan Masters, small bots that carry a power boost. Titan Masters are key to controlling an ancient race of warriors the size of cities: the Titans. Overlord is able to transform from robot to battle station. He is also able to split into two separate vehicles to become a tank and a jet! $46.99

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, Hot Toys is pleased to introduce the special 1/6th scale collectible figures of Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope! Meticulously created based on their appearances in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, these figures feature amazing sculpts, incredibly tailored clothing, character specific accessories, and specially designed Death Star-themed figure bases. Darth Vader includes an LED lightsaber and an Interrogator Droid.

These sweet shirts from Mad Engine will spice up your wardrobe in minutes! Each short-sleeved t-shirt features your favorite marvel heroes and villains with cool designs, bright colors, and fun fonts.

Star Wars: Rogue One is full of exciting characters and even more exciting battles! Imagine favorite characters from Star Wars: Rogue One embarking on exciting adventures with this Black Series figure three pack featuring Captain Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso (Jedha), and an Imperial Death Trooper figure. Each figure includes one or more weapons.

X-Men fans rejoice because X-23, the cloned daughter of Wolverine, has officially received the Pop! vinyl treatment! X-23 measures 3.75-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box–perfect for collectors and a must-have! $17.99

Ron Hembling adds sound to his Star Trek Bridge...
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, August 17 2017
"Hi All,

I have added sounds to the bridge and here is a quick video.



Pretty daggone awesome if you ask me. It is probably a good idea to follow him on Instagram while you are there too.

Hector Gonzales shares on our Facebook Page...
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, August 17 2017
It looks like he has started up a great 1:12 Corridor Project that looks like one of my favorite environments: the Tantive IV Corridor. I look forward to seeing more on this one.

Thank the Maker showcases new series...
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, August 17 2017
Talk about one talented dude, William Palitti continues to impress with his latest news that he is getting ready to start up a custom and web series on Nagamaroo: The Ithorian that pilots the Mynock Surface Skimmer SS-K7.

I do believe he is planning on making both in custom form as he creates said series. From his space station walls to his action figure bleachers to now this in addition to some awesome customs, William is really becoming one of my favorite customizers!

Thank the Maker shares more info on Action Figure Bleachers...
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, August 17 2017
I have really been marveling at these stands. They sure do seem like the epitome of how to showcase your loose action figures. You can hit the Facebook Link to find out how to get yours!

KRZTFR builds a Fallout 4 Guard Post Dio...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, August 16 2017
"In anticipation of waiting for the Red Rocket Truckstop to be done I made an addition that can be picked up and moved anywhere to replicate the settlement creation mode of the game.

Made of corrugated cardboard, "craft sticks" popsicle sticks, coffee stirrers, and a piece of Balsa wood, and wire."

Looks pretty good to me!

KRZTFR back after a hiatus...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, August 16 2017
"So after a divorce, a move, and starting over from scratch I'm slowly working through my depression thus the rebirth of my Fallout project. I had commissioned Alex Saavedra (aka Youtube's Al Figures) from Facebooks Diostructures and ACBA to make me a Red Rocket truck stop which he is currently working on now. In prepreation of the Truckstop's arrival I'm working on several add on projects.

First up my most proudest piece ever due to scale and detail is the Fatman weapon from Fallout 4. All scratch built, the part that hold the Mininuke is actually a separate piece to use as a sled system. The dark grey half circle is a safety ladder piece for model railroads. I have it scaled to the Walking Dead figures as they are the closest scale figure with the Funko 6 inch Fallout 3 Power Armor to make it more inline with Fallout 4."

It is good to see him back and glad to see customizing is helping to add some peace.

Ron Hembling gives us a new update on his Star Trek Project...
-- Posted by Tamer on Tuesday, August 15 2017
"Hi All,

90% done one the partial bridge and just need to make the rails and add the floor and the plaque and the Enterprise layout for the turbo lift area.

Before I painted the instrument panels I made three intercom's and two scanner's for the stations, I also made the grill/access panels under the stations which they were all made using plastic card and fly screen for the grills and the intercoms.

Once I painted everything I then glued them into place and then cut out long thin strips of plastic card and painted them black and glued them in place near the turbo lift.

Chekov was done using another Sulu Mezco body and the head is from Diamond Select.


I just can't get over how all those small buttons are aligned perfectly. Can you imagine how tedious that must be!

Whills Scholar shares his painting tutorials and more!
-- Posted by Tamer on Tuesday, August 15 2017
"Paint guide for U-Wing 1:18 scale vehicle playset kit

PDF version of this paint guide:


This guide can also apply to prepping and painting any cardboard model properly.

General rules for painting cardboard and paperboard models:"

His U-Wing (to scale) is just epic and he has created the aforementioned tutorial and shown you how he has done everything. Be sure to scroll down once you see the initial tutorial too. There are lots of new things to see.

Ron Hembling works on his Trek Bridge...
-- Posted by Tamer on Monday, August 14 2017
"Hi All,

I have made all the controls for the stations
, I used plastic card to make them.I just need to make the intercoms and the viewers for the Science and Engineering stations and then paint them up.


I knew this was gonna finish good. Of course since when hasn't Ron always stared and finished well?

Talonreap shares his stuff!
-- Posted by Tamer on Monday, August 14 2017
"Hey all! I've been following the Shipyards for over a year now and I've got to say it's my favorite collecting site! Everyone is friendly and supportive, not to mention inspiring! I collected several of my clones when I was young, then got into hobbying, and now have combined both! I plan on posting some customs later this week, but to start here are some pics of my Republic and Separatist forces. I'll post them in this thread as best I can. Apologies for any odd lighting and focus, it's my first time documenting my collection. Enjoy!"

I sure do like what I see so far!

Panther is back with new dio work...
-- Posted by Tamer on Monday, August 14 2017
"I've had a productive day with this diorama, first coat of paint applied to the base, then a mix of burnt umber and deep red for bricks. I was going to use a base coat of limestone spray but I ran out after doing one wall.

Fellow builders as you probably know I'm red/green colour blind and would value your option of the first coat before I wipe up another batch and carry on."

Wow, he has really made some great progress on this since I last checked.

Bronxstalker is back with a new Mando...
-- Posted by Tamer on Monday, August 14 2017
"Working from home has its benefits...mostly in that I can work at my laptop and work on customs at the same time......and with that, here goes my latest Mandalorian Merc in 6" scale."

Sounds like a good gig to me. Here is his eBay Link for those who would like to own this one!

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