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Mandalore 25 back with his best to date?
-- Posted by Tamer on Monday, February 27 2017
"Second is Karness Muur, one of the original Sith Lords. Exiled from the known galaxy with fellow Dark Jedi for causing the Hundred-Year Darkness, where in unknown regions found the Sith (species), and declared themselves Sith Lords. A favorite story of mine, describing why they're known as Sith Lords, during the Prequels I always wondered "Lord of what?" when there were currently only two at a time. Made him from an Imperial Navy Commander, with a Boss Fight blank balled head, and some G.I. Joe armor. A lot of sculpt went into this one, tried to get as much detail as possible, notice the Lightsaber hilt even. Love the way he turned out, might be one of my best to date."

I like the looks of him too.

Mandalore 25 creates some Night Sisters...
-- Posted by Tamer on Monday, February 27 2017
"Two updates today, both requested by customers. First, 3 Clone Wars style Nightsisters, not overly fond the CW Nightsisters myself, for they're one of those instances in the CW where Filoni was given the right to do whatever he wanted, and ruined a culture. Don't understand why Lucas made all the EU writers obligated to work with each other, and build on each other's work, but then give the insane the keys to the asylum? Anyway, made them all from CW Asajj Ventress figures, swapped a head, some feet, and some minor sculpting. Made all the weapons from scratch, the bow string even glows in the dark."

These turned out very nice.

Bronxstalker is back with a new Mando...
-- Posted by Tamer on Monday, February 27 2017
"Here's a 3.75" Mando that I'm almost finished painting. I'll post better pictures once he's totally complete, but I couldn't wait to show him off. He was supposed to be Rohlan Dyre, but I got lazy and didn't want to tackle on his helmet, mostly because I wasn't sure how good it would come out. Anyway, like my Del Moomo, he's about a 98% pure sculpted figure. I took a GI Joe figure, and dremeled him down completely to a skeletal frame (like what Sith_fire30 does).

I'm rather fond of how he came out. Eventually, I plan on doing something similar with this character (total sculpted figure) but in 6" scale."

I agree he came out great!

Ron Hembling finishes his foot...
-- Posted by Tamer on Monday, February 27 2017
"Hi All,

The AT-AT foot and figure are now done. I painted the rocks Vallejo Matt Black and then a light dry brush of Vallejo Sky Grey.

The snow was done using watered down spakfilla and I kept adding water until the spakfilla is a paste type consistency. It was then spread over the base and foot and while it is drying I use a lightly damp baby wipe and press very softly on the spakfilla to give it a more natural look.

The client wanted the AT-AT driver articulated which is just a repaint which I used Vallejo paints the hardest part was the armour which is a light grey which I mixed Vallejo Sky grey and matt white until I got the colour to match the armour.

I will hopefully get my usual out door pics tomorrow if I get out of hopsital early after a procedure I have."

Oh yeah, it is looking fantastic!

Blizzard Force is back with two new Vintage Rogue One Cards...
-- Posted by Tamer on Monday, February 27 2017
"For the Empire! There've been just so many cool and iconic new Stormtrooper pics for Rogue One, so I didn't want to use just one of those... ;) The jungle pic is a variant of my #03 Stormtrooper, I did a separate designation for the Jedha Stormtrooper because of the different Blaster rifle.

Hasbro 3,75" figures (details repainted) on my custom Vintage Collection cardbacks for Rogue One."

They both look fantastic to me!

Talon shares two new custom figures...
-- Posted by Tamer on Sunday, February 26 2017
"As I promised, I want to share my latest customs.

As I told told to Starchaser, I like the helmets from the new troopers too. For this reason I made molds and cast them for this customs.

I hope you like the figures and Im ready for your feedback.

Greetings Talon"

They look good to me. I like the bio-hazard sign on the FO Trooper!

Clone Crazy shares his definitive Emperor...
-- Posted by Tamer on Sunday, February 26 2017
"I've given up on Hasbro ever making a definitive ROTJ Emperor, so I wanted to try my hand at it. This was an easy figure to make just using the old Saga Collection Palps and a cape from my fodder bin. Had to glue the cloak for it to lay right. Whole thing only took me around 30 minutes, but I'm happy with the results."

I like the looks of his Emperor too! I am used the Clone Crazy giving us some great photo novels and it is great to see him getting into customizing!

Ron Hembling adds more to his foot!
-- Posted by Tamer on Sunday, February 26 2017
"Hi All,

I have covered the rocks with spakfilla and then used a baby wipe to get rid of the pointy parts like I did for the asteroids on the Falcon dio. Once dry they will be painted and weathered then the snow will be added to them and the base.


His attention to the smallest detail is really pushing this one over the top folks!

Gold Leader One is back with a new Custom Rebel Pilot...
-- Posted by Tamer on Sunday, February 26 2017
"Here is another custom pilot from a video game I grew up playing. This is General Crix Madine, as Gold Leader from the original Rogue Squadron video game. This was the game's fifth mission. In Liberation of Gerrard V, Y-wings from Gold Squadron were tasked with disabling escaping yachts while Rogue Squadron provided cover. No images exist of Madine in a pilots uniform from the game, so I gave him a spare Gold Leader helmet. With this game being a few months after the Battle of Yavin, I thought it made sense for Madine to use a helmet like Gold Leader's, to honor him.

Same method with the Dash figure - boil and pop, then dremeled the neck out, and shaved down the neck post a bit. I was sure to use a taller pilot for the body, as it is the same height as the Madine figure."

Head on in for the full recipe.

Ron Hembling shares more custom memories...
-- Posted by Tamer on Sunday, February 26 2017
"Bounty hunter with droid 3-3/4"

I am really liking seeing Ron upload his images of some of his older work that we hadn't yet seen here at the Yards. I am telling you Ron has got to be close to over 1,000 custom projects!

Peakob1 is back with a great kit-bashed line...
-- Posted by Tamer on Sunday, February 26 2017
"Hello friends, Peak-OB1 here, just wanted share one of the many projects I have been working on... How cool would it be to stop for a moment and because we are all fans of star wars, celebrate it in OUR OWN WAY? Here for the first time, is an idea I have had in the works for some time now, a "KITBASHED 3.75 LINE" of sorts, to celebrate the 40th anniversary. How cool would it be if Hasbro took existing products and made us "NEW CHARACTERS" that we can be inspired by? Give me your thoughts on these..."

They sure do look great to me!

Ron Hembling updates us on his AT-AT Foot Dio...
-- Posted by Tamer on Saturday, February 25 2017
"Hi All,

85% done I just need to do a few little extra details and then do the base. I filled in the gaps with spakfilla and then once sanded I then used a cereal box to cover the foot and leg, I used 1/35 scale parts for the greeblies.


Wow, you know I was gonna love this and I sure do!

DaBooma say it ain't so!
-- Posted by Tamer on Saturday, February 25 2017
"Well guys, my days of customizing/collecting figures are coming to a close. What started out as a fun, creative and social hobby has become somewhat disappointing and frustrating. Hasbro's lack of articulation in it's figures and 2 "meh" movies, plus a lack luster toyline for them, has taken so much of this hobby's enjoyment away from me. And the only place to get what few articulated figures there are..is either ebay or Walmart. I've even begun selling off my Star Wars collection. I just don't have that enthusiasm for it--as I once did. Heck, I even got rid of the back drop I used to use for taking pictures of my customs

It was due in part to a customizer known as Bantha5 that in 2005, got me interested in this hobby with his awesome Clone Trooper to Commander Cody kit and Neyo kits (http://forum.rebelscum.com/showthread.php?t=906805). As well as inspiration from Sith_Fire30 and Glassman6's work. It was they that got me hooked on Rebelscum's forums, checking it out several times a day just to see what awesome and creative work others had to share. Eventually they stopped posting, as well as others I followed. Rebelscum started to "dry up", which lead me to other sites.. like this phenomenal community at the Shipyards. But I'm not as active on here as I wish I could be.

That being said...I've been working on two favored figures for a bit, and they will be my last. Up first is Sabine Wren. Although I'm not a fan of Rebels, I kinda dig the character and design. I made her mostly for my young daughter, hopefully she might appreciate the figure when she gets older.

So without further adieu.. Sabine Wren.

Body: Marauder Inc Valkyrie
Head: Marauder Inc Valkyrie
Chest Armor: Marauder Inc Valkyrie
Helmet: Hasbro Sabine Wren Version 2
Shoulder pads: random figure"

Needless to say I ain't liking the getting out of customizing message, but daggone we can all relate! His Sabine is fantastic!

Hasbro, I know you glance here from time to time, we are starting to hear these types of stories a good bit. Please revitalize and bring back the super articulated 3.75" line!

Ron Hembling goes down memory lane...
-- Posted by Tamer on Saturday, February 25 2017
"And these next lot were some of my very first customs/dioramas.

Soontir Fel 3-34/4"

Trust me, you hit that link and there are a lot of custom projects you will see.

Clonetroopr shares his 50th Custom here at ISY!
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, February 24 2017
"I didn't realize this marks my 50th custom here on Imperial Shipyards! Shocking to think it's been so long.

Enjoy :) The design is originally from the Revenge of the Sith videogame for the PS2 back in the day (reference photo is from the Battlefront 2 mod)

Painted up a green Clone Commander from the ROTS line in 501st colors, removed the pauldron, added the antennae, and made a custom rifle."

What a great accomplishment on both the fiftieth custom posting and the figure itself. Nice work!

We welcome Stocos028 to the Yards!
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, February 24 2017
"Hey Mates, Here's a new sculpted I did of the Star Wars Character Darth Sion. This version is from the Force Unleashed DLC. I used a shirtless stormshadow torso and the gi joe movie firefly head to sculpt on. Let me know what you guys think of him. I'm also including some pics of my un-named Female Twilek Sith from the Star wars fallen empire trailer.

Darth Sion:

Auction: Link to Sion

Un-named TOR Female Sith:

Auction: Link to Female Sith"

Now that is a great way to introduce yourself!

Blizzard Forces shares a new Rogue One Vintage Cardback...
-- Posted by Tamer on Friday, February 24 2017
"Well, I'm currently really motivated to continue, so here's the next one, a TIE Fighter pilot. Repainted a few details on him, especially the chest box and the helmet markings (to match the pic better)..."

Wow, I so wish we could get the regular Hasbro Line back to this!

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